Yeah, buying stuff isn't always feasible hey? So to stop you all going and stealing those bits of lovely from some disreputable rapidshare account (underground musicians got to eat too), here are a couple of free things for you to enjoy instead.

I know I've banged on about Brainfeeder artists a lot already, but this mix from Alex B is a little bit special... Brain Food

Elsewhere the ever brilliant Electronic Explorations is showcasing Point B and Scan One this week, which is great. But as ever Rob Booth has picked some exclusive bangers to compliment his guests' music...Slugabed remixing "Simon Says" by Pharoah Monche? Loops Haunt's Rubber Sun Grenade? New tunes from Falty DL, Burial, iTAL tEK and Access to Arasaka? Shitting hell!

Electronic Explorations 85: Point B & Scan One

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