Bits and that

Heres another chance to download the shockingly good mix that Warlus put together a few weeks back, but this time with added tracklist!

Frosted Moon Cakes-Mixed by Walrii


Beginnings - Shigeto (Ghostly)
Hello - Deru (Mush)

Behemoth Soul - Dr Robutnik
Coincidences - Kenlo Craqnuques
Thehides - Dak (Leaving)
Won (except) - Dabrye (Eastern Developments)
Philly Run (Mux Mool Remix) - B-Ju (Error Broadcast)

Eurocarne - Mwslee (Kindred Spirits)
Kalimba Deathswamp/Kurt Feelings - Dimlite (Now-Again)
Bakers Blunt Basics - Shigeto (Ghostly)

Tadd's Children Lost In Coutances - Misel Quitno
Free - Spencer Doran and Cloaks (CDR)
Matthewdavid - Late Lo FI For dak (All City)

Negative Green - Downliners Sekt (Disboot)
Lessevielsalm - Herrmutt Lobby (Eat)
Wiggum - Cupp Cave
Maybe it's Dawn - Hudson Mohawke
Robbie's Tune - Fox Gut Daata
Now you're Dying (Fox Gut Daata Remix) - Rustie
Strike Hard (HudMo RMX) - Taz Buckfaster

...And the World Laughs with you (Edit) - Flying Lotus (Warp)
Titan - Illum Sphere (3024)
Cherry Moon - Lorn (Brainfeeder)

Shaven Glass - Tadd Mullinix (Ghostly)
Exchanging Modes - Tadd Mullinix (Ghostly)
Hounds - Lorn (Brainfeeder)

Now there's no excuse...

Also here's some pop (ish) reviews that I done for Blurb magazine:

UNKLE-Where did the night fall
Tuung-...And then they saw Land
The Leisure Society-The Sleeper

More of them on the way...