Beats for the Btown Sistas Vol. 2: Pocket Summer

Its a Pocket Summer yeah? Small enough to fit in your pocket and light enough carry around wherever you go. The forecast is a cascade of sunshine beats interspersed with cool breezes and an occasional light rain shower to keep things fresh. An hour, or thereabouts, of glorious mornings, sun drenched afternoons and balmy evenings. No mosquitos though, which is a blessing.

Beats for the Btown Sistas

1: Avril 14th – Aphex Twin (Ana Caravelle Cover Version)
2: Lonely Owl – Gold Panda
3: Farewell and Closing – Spencer Doran & Cloaks
4: Pee Green Bote – Fishing
5: Hazy Window – Bugskull
6: Oooo – Fishing
7: Snow – Red
8: Skies of The Revolution – Shigeto
9: Cascade – Tycho
10: Land of Plenty – Kid Kanevil (Throwing Snow Remix)
11: Breathing Light – Nitin Sawhney
12: You do my head in – Bass Clef
13: Castaju Cajuena – Jneiro Jarel
14: Marmalade – Taz Buckfaster
15: Fairweather Friends – Daedalus
16: Kid Sista – Jega
17: Polaroid Romance – A Setting Sun & Shigeto
18: Two Weeks Inner Science (Remix) – Aslope
19: Circling – Fourtet
20: You – Gold Panda
21: Maybes (Live in Berghain) – Mount Kimbie


  1. Great, now my pocket has sun stroke and cant leave the house. Where am i supposed to keep summer now?
    Anyway, love the mix! takes away the winter blues a treat and replaces it with sunglasses, cider on the beach and an unshakeable urge to go in the sea, although since i like my toes im not going there :)
    on a separate note, i have been a very good grrrl this year and father xmas is rewarding me with a new 16gb MP3 player, to treat myself i will be using a portion of any xmas dolla i get on purchasing some grendelcakes recommendations for keeps...this will obviously entail a full relisten of the last year of baked goods, do you have any particular favourites that my aural cavities should not be without?

  2. See above Tatty, and thank you for your kind words!

  3. nitin sawnhey is dropped perfectly in this mix! excellent work
    i reckon, if you could plug an audio cable in to gloaming it would sound like pocket summer

  4. Made "Pee Green Bote" my "Swell Tune" of the day: http://mrshuffleupagus.blogspot.com/2011/01/todays-swell-tune-pee-green-bote.html It's the musical version of that cigar box from your childhood filled with pebbles, pictures, trinkets, baseball cards...